1010 Alto Apartments IV

Miguel is excited to be a father. He’s also very hungry.

The twins get plenty of attention. Since they don’t have to have their cries carry across the abyss that is the living room, the parents hear them.

Alivia came over, and surprise surprise, she’s a mom too. To a little girl about the same age as the twins. No idea who is watching the baby-she’s a single mom.

Marjorie still needs to get a breakthrough every now and then. Miguel is helping her out.

Marjorie decided to go visit Alivia to see her niece.

Niece might have been terrified of her.

She also chatted it up with her half-brother, Noe. Who I completely forgot existed.

Back at home, Miguel asked her to marry him. She said yes. (I then forgot they did this.)

I was under the mistake impression they had a lot more time, since the twins are babies. But they had the babies somewhat late. They do not have a lot more time. So it’s back to the ray gun.

She takes a break when Alivia stops by. Sometimes. Alivia is always over. I don’t think she knows her daughter’s name.

Look at Miguel, getting those promotions in the military career.

The twins grew up! I know Alijah is independent, but I can’t remember what Alvetta was.

Besides adorable of course. They hired a nanny so both parents could go to work. I stayed home with the kids.

So did Alivia, of course.

Miguel is much better with the sparring robot now. He doesn’t look so pitiful slapping it.

The twins have a bedroom now. It’s cute. This apartment is just so huge!

Marjorie is a good mom, for the most part. She does leave a lot of the caretaking to the nanny and Miguel, but she doesn’t ignore her kids.

She even reads them bedtime stories!

The twins are getting their movement skill just by walking from the bedroom to the kitchen…Their old bed area has been turned into a nice entry.

Marjorie here is wishing she’d only had one kid. She loves them both, but it’s so mcuh work!

I decided to follow her to work. She loves going to work, since it gives her a reprieve from tantrums.

Most of her coworkers are new now though. The few old timers left are…well old.


Marjorie makes a great grand breakfast. She’s sad because somebody died, but we don’t know who.

Even the toddlers get to sit at the big table.

Then they go dancing while Marjorie gets her last logic skill point.

They’re working on skills here, but I’m not too concerned about getting them happy toddler, nevermind top notch.

Miguel has to go jogging for work now. I like that more than marching around. He kept marching outside the apartment and right back in. It took micromanaging him to get that task done.

I love how he looks like he isn’t quite sure about this game.

Alivia came over. Again. And just helped herself to our food. Go home Alivia.

I won’t lie. I wasn’t paying a ton of attention to the game at this point, because this lot was so glitchy for me. It lagged a ton which made it annoying to play (and why I took a break from it), and then there’s this whole “toddler throwing up plates makes them disappear until you load in the next time when they are floating there and now you know why Miguel always thinks the place sucks”

On another note, Marjorie maxed out cooking.

Alivia came by to help with the toddlers. I realized they both just needed one more point in thinking to get happy toddler, so I gave it a half attempt.

Hunger and the desire to throw chili on their beds won over though, and no happy toddler.

Because it’s finally their birthday!

I’m so excited. Marjorie looks like she can see the end of the tunnel.

It’s also Miguel’s birthday. I’m running out of time!

Alijah grew up to be a rambunctious scamp who loves cats. Alvetta grew up to be a social butterfly who is a child of the ocean. (I got island living, whooo)

Miguel went to inspect the toddler room and found another floating bowl of grossness. He just turned around and left.

Marjorie is busy making those simoleons. I could probably do something besides the chairs, but they’re easy. I don’t want to remodel the toddler bedroom because the plan was to move when the kids were kids, but they’re a little short of what they need.

It doesn’t help that Miguel tires super easily, so one bout of sparring with the robot drains him.

He decides to retire and take up painting. I needed something for him to do with all his free time, and we needed money…

Don’t worry though, I don’t chain him to the easel.

Marjorie is so tired o the twins asking for beds. What’s wrong with the couches?

Sure, it might be a little hard to go to sleep when everyone is watching TV, but at least they have a roof over their heads!

Nah, she’s working really hard to get enough money to move. I built the shell of the next penthouse because I find it easier to build when I don’t have sims on the lot. (Especially the next lot, because it sucks to build on for some reason).

Alijah and Alvetta became good friends. I had plans for them, but this is in the way of them. I’ll have to figure out another way to move to the next challenge. Why couldn’t you two dislike each other?!

It’s Winterfest! Marjorie slaved over that tofurkey meal.

Then they all decorated the tree. And I realized that one of Marjorie’s transforming fires burnt up the rug. I replaced it.

Alijah asked Father Winter for a bed once his parents were asleep.

Alvetta was more practical and asked for a toy.

Tomorrow they’ll get their own beds! Because I’m finally done with this apartment! Clocking in at 63k, it’s on the lower end of the required amount, but I didn’t want to litter it with weird stuff.


1010 Alto Apartments III

D’ya know, I don’t think I’ve ever used the pregnancy test in Sims 4?

Marjorie isn’t feeling well. She’s happy about that. Hopefully she’s pregnant!

Upset stomach or no, she goes to work.

She’s trying to explain to her coworker why they shouldn’t let just any tourist get on their computers. They have important data on there!

She’s trying to get another tourist off another computer when she gets confirmation that she is in fact pregnant! Whoo!

Miguel is at home working on some reports when she arrives. He’s just a mailroom technician now, but he’s hoping he’ll get a promotion soon.

He’s a bit confused over why Marjorie is eating in the computer room.

At least until she draws his attention to her baby bump. He’s very excited.

I thought maybe it was Iris, but her mom is still alive and well. Just some random sim she met on the street once…

Maybe it’s the pregnancy, but when she checks social media and sees that a sim she met once has died, she finds herself inexplicably sad.

Miguel is a wonderful husband and makes her breakfast to help lift her mood.

It works!

Christine Jefferson at work is pregnant too. She’s also a good friend of Marjorie’s.

She tried to get a different coworker to try a serum. But he said no.

So she tested out her Sim Ray on him.

Miguel has gotten himself one promotion. And then he got himself bugged. It says he’s at work, when he very obviously is not, though he is still dressed for it.

We don’t see Miguel much though, since we keep going with Marjorie to work. She was very hungry and had a task to freeze three sims, so she froze these tourists and stole their lunch.

She’s a Lab Leader now. She also can’t wait until the baby is out of her!

So much empty space in this apartment…I dread the next one.

Miguel, still bugged, is basically a stay-at-home husband. He’s always thrilled when Marjorie gets home.

Their evenings are spent together but separate. Marjorie has no desire to work out. She also doesn’t think Miguel is really getting all that much better at it.

Alivia was at work again, and she’s pregnant too! Marjorie only convinced her to clean, nothing dangerous.

She did make a bunch of her coworkers terribly hungry though. She was uncomfortable, so they had to be!

Miguel found out why she was uncomfortable as soon as she got home and rushed her to the hospital.

Marjorie thinks he’s over reacting. How many Driftwood ladies have gone through this now?

It wouldn’t be a proper Apartment Switch birth without our favorite vampire doctor!

Miguel is really panicking.

He’s got good cause! Marjorie gave birth to twins! The eldest is a girl named Alvetta and she has a younger brother named Alijah.

They set the cots up next to the master bedroom because they aren’t interested in trekking across The Great Desolate Living Space to the children’s bedroom. Besides, it’s empty.

Miguel loves being a dad. And with twins he doesn’t have to try and convince Marjorie to have a second! He got a two-for-one deal!

Marjorie is sad though, because Iris passed away the day after she brought the babies home. She’d just been about to invite her over to meet them when she got the news.

Miguel does his best to cheer her up. It works some. He also quits his job in business, since he was glitched beyond saving apparently, and picked one up in military, because why not?

1010 Alto Apartments II

Once Marjorie is back at home, the furniture she was able to afford has been moved in. She takes advantage of her new bed to take a nap.

She spends a lot of time talking to Miguel on the phone. He’s planning a trip to come visit her soon.

Meanwhile, she works at furnishing her apartment. She quickly has it up to about 33k, which is halfway to the minimum she needs.

She’d thought going back to work would be a chore after having such a long vacation, but she actually enjoys it quite a bit.

Besides she gets to show her coworkers all the pictures she took on vacation!

Before she, or I, am ready, it’s her adult birthday! She celebrates alone.

Not too long after, Miguel arrives. His first order of business is to empty the trash can.

Marjorie was cutting slices of her left over cake for them.

Alivia is excited to come and check on Miguel, and make sure he is good enough for her sister.

He’s visit lasts long enough that Love Day comes around.

They go on a date together. It’s much better than the date she had with Anaya-for one, Miguel and her are already friends and quickly build up a pink bar.

Miguel also doesn’t have so many problematic traits. Sure, he’s squeamish, but that’s the worst.

It helps that he kisses good too.

At the end of the date, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

Miguel had to go back home, but Marjorie is excited for their next visit. She’s hoping it’ll be more permanent.

She invites her mom out to the karaoke bar for some bonding time.

She’d forgotten about the paparazzi that swarm her mother though…

Oh, is Marjorie making friends?

No, she isn’t.

She’s bugging all the paparazzi so she can keep an eye on them.

Her mom might not have an official security team, but Marjorie has it under control.

Cooking though? Well, she’s getting better. She’s going through cutting boards at a ridiculous pace though.

She can’t wait to not be sitting alone at this big table too.

Miguel is back for another visit! A more permanent visit.

Just as Marjorie was inviting him to move in with her, a little girl named Felicia sat down and started chatting. Pretty sure Alivia put her up to it.

Miguel moved in though, and Marjorie decided to take him to meet her mother. He was very excited, considering her celebrity status.

While Miguel was sent off to fix his wardrobe, Marjorie got to know Noe. Who is her half-brother. Iris got remarried (you can see him in the previous picture through the window), but Noe was a birth from what must have been a quick fling with a random sim right after Marjorie’s father died.

Miguel is looking much better now. He’s happy to get to know Noe as well.

He can’t help but be happy when they get back to their apartment though. He’d like to relax.

Alivia stops by, so anything else will have to wait. She’ll leave…eventually.

Marjorie draws her into a foosball game so that Miguel can recover from his busy day.

Miguel instead got a job in business and went to work on some reports.

As an active sim, he managed to convince Marjorie for a sparring machine. He needs some more practice.

Alivia finally leaves, and the lovebirds enjoy themselves. They’re trying for a baby-Marjorie doesn’t want to wait any longer!

1010 Alto Apartments I

Marjorie took a quick walk through of her new apartment. She’d had some walls put up but it was empty beyond that. She’d have some furniture moved in while she was out.

Taking Alivia’s words to heart, Marjorie took a vacation to Selvadora. She rented a tiny little house.

She even got herself a new outfit to adventure in.

Her first stop was to go take a look at the famous statue. It was pretty nice, but nothing like the giant slab outside her lab.

Then she took a look around at the vendor stalls. She bought a few things for adventuring, but she didn’t have any plans out into the jungle so late.

Instead she went to the bar, where she met a lot of the locals. A lot of the young adult male locals.

Anaya was so far away in her mind, she didn’t feel guilty at all. She had broken off everything with him before leaving, so she wasn’t cheating at all.

It turns out the locals are very nice. She ended up getting along very well with Miguel Angel Padilla.

Poor Jorge had to settle for admiring her, as her attention was completely taken.

Gregorio tried his luck after Miguel had to leave, but while they quickly became friends the spark just wasn’t there.

It was the early morning hours before Marjorie took her leave of the bar.

The next morning Marjorie had some of the local cuisine.

Then she picked up some tips from fellow tourist Joaquin.

She completely forgot to change into her adventure gear before setting out into the jungle.

She loved getting down into the dirt to look for artifacts.

Finding giant treasure chests had to be the best though.

Even if they were cursed…Despite the cloud of sadness, Marjorie soldiered on.

She found the ancient temple the locals had told her about.

There was even an emotionfruit tree growing right outside it!

A happy berry didn’t banish the cloud of sadness.

Or a nice waterfall in a can.

Marjorie had packed some better clothes for wandering around an ancient temple at least.

Despite solving several puzzles with little work, she managed to catch a terrible illness.

She was so exhausted she refused to swim her way out…And Alivia is really a stalker…

Surely if she ignores it, it will go away. And the hallucinations that her sister was taking a swim in the temple!

Luckily, Miguel was at the vendor stalls and knew just the thing to help her out!

One antidote, going down!

She decided to keep from going back out into the jungle and just worked on some of her artifacts instead.

Finally, at the end of her vacation, the cloud of sadness lifted!

She took advantage of the last few hours of her vacation being sadness free to have a nice skinny dip in the oasis.

Switch Six: 701 Zenview II

Love had almost been next door all along, but he’s a vampire.

Marjorie took a day to go out to the cafe, not wanting to focus on Anaya only first, just in case it didn’t work out.

Everyone was either an adult or older though. Still, the scone was good!

Playing chess is a great way to have the breakthroughs she needs for her job. She’s gotten pretty high, I think. Around level five or six.

Maybe she should relax her rule about not dating coworkers. There’s two available young adult men there, and one of them is actually her friend.

Anaya invited her on a date. I guess they got some pink bar while at the romance festival, while I was keeping a sharp eye out for other young adults.

Anaya is playing hard to get though. His green bar is filling so, so slowly. And it turns out he hates children.

Marjorie is willing to overlook these things though, if it works out. She’s not adverse to taking things slowly.

By the end of the date they’re actually friends.

Alivia still comes by to see Marjorie. Whether she’s at work.

Or whether she’s at home on Winterfest morning. I’m beginning to question if Alivia actually ever has acting gigs at all…

Marjorie got a gnome for her Winterfest present. She knew she got a gnome before she opened it, because she put the present under the tree herself. Weirdo.

Anaya came by in the evening and things went downhill. I missed it here, but he rejected a simple flirt from Marjorie and then the two of them had awkward conversations. He left pretty quickly.

Marjorie has been living off grand meals, since that’s what her fridge is filled with.

At work she works on the rocket a lot. Some day she hopes to own one of her own, but she is going to make it to space one way or another!

She’s still doing her workouts too, but sometimes they’re a little off…

Marjorie related her troubles with Anaya to Alivia. She suggested she take a trip out of the city to see if she could find anybody else. Maybe even a vacation.

It seemed like a good idea. For New Years, Marjorie made the resolution that she would find a boyfriend!

And we’re done with this apartment! It’s about 21000 simoleons in worth, and I rather like it. Obviously the second bedroom wasn’t ever used, but I didn’t know what else to do with that space. I borrowed quite a bit from the original floorplan.

Switch Six: 701 Zenview I

Marjorie was happy to be moving in to a new apartment, but just as the last bit of her furniture was moved in she found out that her father had passed away. We’ll miss you Sylas!

One of the first things she furnished was the kitchen. It’s really cute. Not that that helps her with her feelings.

The death of her father made her realize time was marching on and maybe she should get to looking for a spouse. After all, she may be fulfilling the last part of the contract her family was under for the city, but she still needed a kid!

All the men she ran into were either adults or in relationships already though. Marjorie wasn’t about that homewrecking life.

Alivia came by to check on Marjorie. She would have come by faster, but she had to make sure their mom was going to be okay first.

Marjorie kept a fairly cheerful face up the whole time her sister was over, but got sad again as soon as she left.

Time keeps going though, and before long Marjorie found that while she still missed her dad, she wasn’t depressed any longer. She was worried about her future family though-even her coworkers were getting pregnant!

She, meanwhile, was setting herself on fire. Not a very good way to attract a husband.

She stayed away from the experimenting bench for a while after that and browsed some dating sites, with no luck.

I’ve never actually seen this stone! It’s neat!

She’s still working on the nerd brain aspiration and finally bought a chess table to help with her logic skill. She managed to complete the second level, but now she needs a rocket ship and she can’t exactly fit one of those on her balcony.

Even if she could afford one. (Though to be fair, with her Transforming Gun Of Money, she could totally afford one. I’m trying not to use that too much because it really does seem a little cheaty.)

Alivia likes to come by while Marjorie is working and just look over everyone’s shoulders. Despite being evil, I think she’s actually become friends with all the workers.

Marjorie bought a treadmill. She’s not trying to get super skinny, she’s just trying to keep her current figure. A little run before bed every night should help!

The romance festival came, and what better place to find a partner!? Especially when the Guru told her that ‘A Life With No Love is Not A Life At All’. Or something to that effect.

The guy with the buzz cut is a young adult, but also a vampire. The guy with purple streaks has a really long name, so both I and Marjorie shorten it to Anaya. He’s a young adult, and single!

She chats with Anaya for a bit before he leaves, then continues going around. This guy was married so he’s a no go. But hey, at least she found one?

18 Culpepper House I

The first thing Marjorie does is go out on a run to pick up posters and snowglobes to supplement the bonus she got for starting at level 3 of the Scientist career.

Afterwards she got around to talking to some people. She’s got a big task ahead of her, so a roommate wouldn’t be a terrible idea but she isn’t going to just let some random sim move in with her.

Alivia shows up before she really gets close to anybody though. Alivia is so cute.

Marjorie shares a key with her sister so that she can drop by whenever she wants to.

Both of these girls are Driftwood’s. There’s soooo many of them in San Myshuno. Whatever the Driftwood’s get up to next is going to have to be somewhere out of the city…

After an eventful first day, Marjorie is able to relax into her bed. Well, relax might be a bit of a stretch. The old used futon can hardly be described as relaxing.

To say she’s well rested for her first day at work, is a bit of a lie as a result. Still, she’s feeling much better after getting to use the shower and toilet.

She gets down to inventing right after.

Then analyzing.

Followed by some experimenting.

A break to chat with coworkers.

And she ends the day by making her very first invention.

When she gets home she’s able to afford a tiny kitchenette.

Alivia stopped by! She grew up to add self-assured to her traits, in case you were wondering. I’m pretty sure Marjorie is her only real friend, with her personality.

Even though she now has a kitchen, Marjorie likes to go eat at the food stalls fairly frequently. She still hasn’t quite grown accustomed to spice yet though.

She spends that time chatting with people. And trying not to stare at vampires who refuse to get out of the son. Annabelle.

I love the days where Marjorie needs to collect things. It’s good for padding her bank account.

And fishing aids in getting some breakthroughs.

All of which inevitably leads to a Sim Ray. She named is Mr. Sparky.

Back at home she’s gotten herself a little laptop. She uses it for important work stuff.

Like programming when her neighbors stay up way too late, making way too much noise.

Marjorie has a glint in her eye and a cheap child’s chair…

Or a table? Hello money.

She decides to go for TWO chairs next.

Bad idea!

Luckily, Mr. Sparky is able to fix the problems he causes.

After cleaning up some, let’s just say that Marjorie has discovered the glory of the money making Mr. Sparky is capable of.

See that little golden frog back there? It used to be a 30 simoleon child’s chair. It’s now worth 8000.

That frog itself could have furnished the entire apartment on it’s own. So let’s just say that this apartment is completed, and Marjorie is ready to move in the morning.

Apartment finished! At just about 9700, it’s in the upper limit of the range for this apartment. I almost feel like the ray gun is a little bit cheaty….